Rose buds



Rose buds are harvested in the spring of every year before the flower opens and are offered after drying. Rose bud is a product of the Rose bush (Rosa damascena) from the Rose family. Rose is a small plant whose height is usually from 60 to 150 cm and sometimes more, which has beautiful and fragrant pink flowers. It is better to use a Rose bud that is ripe at the time of harvest, but unbloomed and without a calyx, and dried in a shady and cool place or under the effect of very mild heat, and after the Rose buds are dried, Store in a closed glass and in a dry and dark environment.

Amazing health benefits of consuming Rose buds buds

For a long time, in many reference books of traditional medicine, there have been many articles about the amazing properties of the Rose, about health and prevention of diseases, treatment of diseases, freshness and beauty of the skin, and most importantly for relief and relaxation. Rose buds are used in various forms such as Rose water, dried Rose buds tea, its extract, etc. in various fields of food and pharmaceuticals.

Darab     &   Lalehzar
  • Principle
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Calori
  • Vit A
  • Vit C
  • Value/100g
  • 11.31
  • 0.96
  • 0.64
  • 49
  • 287
  • 12
  • Unit
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  • Cal
  • IU
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 drink rose tea!

What is the difference between Darabi and Lalezar flower buds?

Definitely, before buying Lalezar or Darab flower buds, you should know exactly what are the differences between these two types of flower buds. It can be said that these two types of products are completely different from each other and therefore they cannot be considered as competitors. Because they have different uses and their prices are very different from each other.

Some of the differences between Darab and Lalezar Rose buds are:
  • Color: Darab Shiraz and Lalezar Kerman buds are very different in color. In fact, Darab’s Rose bud is light pink in color and the ends of its petals are completely white. In the case that the bud of the tulip flower is uniformly deep purple
  • Bud form: Darab Shiraz Rose buds are closed, but Lalezar Kerman Rose buds are available as open leaves. This is why the bud of the tulip flower has a higher quality and more fragrance
  • Application: due to the higher price and quality of Lalezar’s flower buds, this product is used to prepare tea, sweets and flavoring food. In the case, the Darab Rose bud is generally used for extracting essential oils
  • Price: In terms of price, Darab Rose buds are much cheaper and more affordable than Lalezar Rose buds. Although the tulip type has a much higher quality
A few cases of the use of the Rose bud, the queen of fragrant flowers

According to the information included in the traditional books, for the first time in the world, Rose-watering (Golaab) started in Iran and gradually spread to other places, among the most famous Rose-waters in Iran are Qomsar-Kashan Rose-water and Laleh zar Rose-water of Kerman province pointed out. The aroma and taste of Rose essential oil is used in many medicinal and food products and perfumery, and it is one of the most widely used and expensive essential oils in the world. Dried Rose buds are widely used in the preparation of sweets and cooking, and they use its pleasant aroma and taste, and dried Rose buds may also be used to decorate food. In some cases, the Rose bud is used to scent spaces or as a spice in food. One of the most widely used uses of the Rose bud is the delicious Rose tea.

We also have a recommendation for housewives, that is to chop the dried Rose bud and mix it with yogurt, because the Rose bud has a warm nature and causes the cold nature of yogurt to disappear, and this is how our yogurt is. It will be delicious and healthy and useful.

It should be noted that the Rose bud has a warm nature and countless healing properties. We will discuss some of the properties of the Rose bud below, please stay with us.


  • Rose buds are a rich source of antioxidants

The antioxidant compounds found in the Rose bud protect against the negative effects of free radicals and prevent the occurrence of cancer, and even in some sources it is said that it destroys cancer cells.

  • Dealing with menstrual pain by drinking Rosehip tea

Drinking 2 cups of Rosehip tea daily with honey (adding 40 grams of Rose to one liter of boiling water) reduces the pains caused by menstruation and period in women, and also relaxes them and soothes Nerves during periods.

  • Rose buds are a cure for constipation

Excretion of dry stool with difficulty or in long intervals is called constipation. To treat constipation, mix 20 grams of Rosemary, 20 grams of senna leaves, 20 grams of jujube, and 10 grams of coriander seeds, and chop a tablespoon of this mixture and put it in your mouth every night before going to bed. be swallowed).


  • Relieving swelling of the anus with the poultice of the Rose bud

In order to get rid of anal swelling, it is necessary to put some dried Rose buds in a little water and let it boil completely until its extract comes out. Then, after cooling, choose a clean cloth and immerse it in the desired solution and place it on the anus for 15 minutes.

  • Benefits of Rosemary tea for treating insomnia

For people who suffer from irregular sleep or sleep disorders, it is recommended to drink a cup of chamomile tea every night before going to bed, because chamomile tea regulates the relevant hormones, and by reducing stress and increasing relaxation, it leads to a comfortable sleep. .

  • Eliminating bad breath by drinking Rosemary tea

To get rid of bad breath, you can drink a cup of Rosemary tea to get rid of bad breath in addition to using its many properties.

The amazing properties of the Rose bud for skin and hair health

Due to the antioxidant properties of the Rose bud, this plant is one of the best solutions for the treatment and repair of skin wrinkles, the treatment of pimples and acne, and it is used as a scrub and exfoliator. To prepare a Rosehip mask, it is enough to chop 10 Rosehips and mix with 5 tablespoons of almond oil, put it in a jar with a lid and wait for a week. Then apply some of this lotion daily on the skin and wash your face after 15 minutes.

Tips about using the Rose bud

Due to the high amount of vitamin C, excessive use of Rose buds may cause kidney stones in the long term.

It is not recommended to use a lot of Rose buds for thalassemia patients.

Be sure to consult a doctor before using Rosehip for pregnant women because it may cause sensitivity and allergic reactions

Excessive consumption of Rose buds may cause allergy or thirst and diarrhea in some people.

How to prepare Rosehip tea, an extremely delicious and effective tea
  • Add some dried Rose buds to boiling water and let it brew for 10-15 minutes, then add some honey to it and enjoy its unique aroma and taste.
  • Put 5 dried Rose buds with 3 cardamoms and a small amount of saffron in a teapot and add 500 grams of beer to it and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Don’t be surprised, you will have a very colorful and fragrant tea, and most importantly, a strong soothing tea.
  • To prepare Rosehip tea, add 3 Rosehips to your tea and relax in addition to having a fragrant tea.
  • Boil 50 grams of Rose buds for 24 hours on a low flame until its juice comes out and then add 100 grams of honey to it and add 2 to 3 spoons of this concoction to the beer daily to treat respiratory diseases and colds. and enjoy!